Yogic living: Digital fasting.

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Digital fasting is saucha or cleaning/cleansing for the mind and is a beneficial practice for the modern day yogi. A digital fast is taking time off from electronic devices once a week. It means not checking your phone, watching t.v., or opening your computer for one whole day. A digital fast unplugs our mind and hearts away from the constant stream of commercials, emails and the agendas of others that engage us through advertising and social media. It enables us to turn inward and consider our own personal agenda and to be attentive to our thoughts and feelings without outside influences.   We can prioritize time spent with family and friends without distraction and become more interactive and creative with our physical environment. A digital fast resets our mind for a more balanced perspective when we return to the digital world and helps us maintain a deeper relationship with the real world around us.  I hope you will try a digital fast this new year holiday!






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