SHIZEN Yoga Studio Report.

It is the first week for the official return to life out in the “new norm” of Tokyo and our in studio class schedule is increasing.

Today at the studio it was a pleasure to welcome students back. Their enthusiasm at seeing each other as well was heartwarming .

One student brought an assortment of surplus flowers to class, so everyone went home with a small bouquet to brighten their weekend . Another student stopped by after class with handpicked blueberries while on an errand in the neighborhood.  These small experiences are a big reminder that the yoga studio provides an important place where  the human connections and interactions of individual students can come together to create  a yoga community.


SHIZEN Yoga class schedule for June:
14:30 -16:00 B2* Intermediate Dominica
18:00-19:30  All Level Dominica
11:30-13:00 B1*B2 Dominica
14:00-15:30  Gentle Yoga Mutsuko 6/30 start
19:30-21:00 Basic 1*Basic 2 Tamami
11:30-13:00 All Level Dominica
Sunday 6/28 start
9:00-10:30 Basic 2 Dominica
11:30-13:00 Basic 1 Dominica
Please book your studio and online classes from this link
(Select English from top right button of page if needed.) Tickets can be purchased by bank transfer (request by email at , in studio (cash only), or by credit card here.
Online tickets, drop in, and tickets purchased in studio including those before temporary closing can be used. Expiration date extensions (up to 3 months) will be honored, please inquire at studio.
For more information about Studio Safety see blog post.


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